Mary Bianco is a San Francisco, Paso Robles, Los Angeles and New York based composer of primarily classical chamber music . She received her M..A. degree in Music Composition from Mills College in 2015; her primary teachers being David Bernstein, Fred Frith, Chris Brown and Roscoe Mitchell.  Her thesis is titled, “Understanding and Dealing with the Loss of Absolute Pitch as One Ages”.  Mary received her B.A. with concentration in composing from Sarah Lawrence College.

Currently studying with David Garner, her previous teachers include Darius Milhaud, Ezra Laderman, Meyer Kupferman, and Irwin Stahl.  Mary composed for the Carpenter Trio from 2011 to 2016.  Currently she composes for the Crescent City Chamber Players,The Manhattan Chamber Players, PCMF (The Pacific Crest Music Festival where she is 
Composer in Residence) and various California artists.

Mary is a longtime board member of The Music Conservatory of Westchester in addition to serving on various educational boards both in the U.S. and internationally.  She accepts selected commissions particularly for the not-for profit sector where music assists in raising the sights of funders and providing special thanks for generous ongoing supporters.

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